A more powerful photo editor, right in your browser

Amidst all the furore and frantic activity around the release of our game-changing new Joomla contributions, Joomlatools Pages and Gitpod for Joomla, we quietly upgraded the photo editor that comes bundled with Joomlatools Connect.

You could already resize images, crop them, change their orientation and add filters to them, but we wanted to give you more than that.

Photo transformation

With our brand new photo editor you can do advanced transformations like crop photos, resize their height and / or width and rotate them, you can even flip the photos vertically or horizontally.

You can still apply filters just like you would on popular apps like Instagram, however, now you can overlay borders and text on your photos to make your very own viral memes and web adverts.

How cool is that?

Photo correction and adjustment

On top of all of the photo transformation power, the adjustments panel gives you a myriad of photo correction and adjustment possibilities, including:

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - blur adjustment

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - brightness adjustment

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - contrast adjustment

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - gamma adjustment

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - hue adjustment

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - noise adjustment

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - pixelate adjustment

Joomlatools Connect photo editor - saturation adjustment

Try it out

We've already rolled out the new photo editor, if your site has Connect installed just go ahead and edit a photo, there's nothing to install and nothing to update, you've already got it.

Joomlatools Connect photo editor button

You'll find the photo editor in DOCman, FILEman and TEXTman, underneath the featured image for your document, file or article - just click the Edit button.

If you don't have Connect installed you can still try out the photo editor on our demo site.

Available in Business and Agency subscriptions

Connect is available for download from our Dashboard. It's only available to Business and Agency Subscribers.

Not yet a Business or Agency Subscriber? Get your Subscription from only $199. Customers with Personal Subscriptions can upgrade to a Business or Agency Subscription and pay only the pro-rata difference, click here to request your upgrade.

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