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Share documents with a group of users

Last updated: 14 November 2022

Use case

A group of registered users can see specific documents that public visitors or other users can't see. For example, you might be a teacher that teaches more than one class, you want your logged-in students in each class to be able to see the documents for their class only.


Create a group

  1. Navigate to Documents > Groups > New
  2. Create a user group, in our example we'll name it Class 1
  3. Assign users to the group

  1. Click Save

Add a Documents block

  1. Add a DOCman flat list block on a post or page of your choice

  1. Click Publish/Update

Create a category

  1. Navigate to Documents > Categories
  2. Click New
  3. Set the title to Documents for Class 1
  4. Under the Permission tab set groups:
  • Class 1 in Documents View
  • Class 1 in Documents Download
  • Class 1 in Categories View

Tip: Alternatively, and instead of creating a group, you may also assign individual users to each one of these actions. This will have the exact same result without the need of creating a group. You just need to make sure that each user is assigned the same three actions above

  1. Click Save

Use a hierarchical list instead of a flat list for documents listing (optional)

Instead of using a flat list of documents, you may also achieve the same result by using a hierarchical list block which shows the category structure for navigation. For this, and instead of following the instructions from step 2, you may do as follows:

  1. Add a DOCman hierarchical list block on a post or page of your choice

  1. Click Publish/Update


Documents that get added in the Documents for Class 1 category will only be visible by users belonging to the Class 1 group while accessing the Documents block, simply complete these steps for each class of students.

Learn more about sharing documents with individual users.