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Hide the delete category button

Last updated: 23 September 2022

Toolbar delete category buttons are only available for users that can delete categories. You may control who can delete categories on DOCman by setting permissions either globally or on a given category. These permissions are then inherited by other categories inside it unless you override them.

Global permissions

To set this globally (for all categories), you need go to DOCman settings from the admin interface and then click on the Global permissions tab. From here you may specify which groups will be allowed to delete categories.

Category permissions

If you want more control and specifically define which categories should allow their subcategories being deleted then you must set the permissions in the parent category directly.

For this end you need to edit the corresponding category and then click on the Permissions tab located just at the right of the Description tab.

This will make the permissions UI available where you will be able to specifically define users and groups that should be allowed to delete categories inside of this one.

Do not forget to click on Save once finished.