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Migrate DOCman to a different site

Last updated: 14 November 2022

How it works

DOCman includes a site migrator that is capable of both exporting and importing DOCman data from one site to another. This migration tool can be used to move data from one WordPress site to another but also from a DOCman Joomla install into Wordpress.


Migrating data requires the latest DOCman for WordPress version on both sites. You should first upgrade DOCman to the latest available release in both sites.

What data will be migrated?

Everything except the uploaded files. You will need to move the uploaded files manually.

Backup, the backup

Before you start the migration process please make a full backup of your site.

Export from the old site

  1. Upgrade DOCman to the latest versions
  2. Go to DOCman > Settings > Maintenance > Export DOCman data
  3. Click on Export button to start the export process
  4. After the process is complete, you should have an export file downloaded

    Import in the new site

    1. Install the latest DOCman version in the new site
    2. Go to DOCman > Settings > Maintenance > Import from ZIP file
    3. Select the export file you downloaded from the old site to start the import process

    Move files

    You also need to move your files to the new site. They are typically found in the wp-content/foliolabs-files directory of your WordPress site.

    Move your files from OLD_SITE/wp-content/foliolabs-files into the NEW_SITE/wp-content/foliolabs-files directory.

    Pages and posts

    Pages and posts containing DOCman blocks from the old site are not migrated into your new site. You need to make sure to re-create them yourself after importing the DOCman data into your new site.