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Play video and audio files

Last updated: 04 November 2022

DOCman includes a built-in media player to automatically stream audio and video files, providing stylish control options such as play/pause buttons, timeline, volume control, and full screen playback. The media player is fully responsive and will gracefully resize on smaller screens and mobile devices.

Display a list of video or audio documents

Follow these steps to display a list of playable documents:

  1. Create a category to contain your video and/or audio documents
  2. Add a hierarchical list, a tree list or flat documents list block to your page or post and set the block's layout setting to List
  3. When you visit the above page or post in the frontend of your site, you'll see that the links are replaced with media players.

Insert a link to a video or audio document into a WordPress page or post

If you insert a link to a video or audio document into a WordPress page or post using the attach documents block:

Make sure to set the layout of the block to list if you want the player to be rendered inline:

You’ll see that the links are replaced with media players:

Youtube and Vimeo Support

Using the media player you can play Youtube and Vimeo videos too. When you create a document and link it to a Youtube or Vimeo video using the video's share url, the video will play in the media player.

Note: Videos hosted on Google Drive are NOT supported.

Learn more about linking to cloud files.

Supported Formats

The DOCman media player supports the following audio and video formats:

  • Audio: aac, mp3, ogg, flac,x-flac, wave, wav, x-wav, x-pn-wav
  • Video: mp4, webm, ogg

Note: Media types that are not in the above list will be displayed as downloadable documents.

Who can watch and download video and audio files?

Users and visitors that can view documents (document view permission) will get a media player rendered for the corresponding video/audio document file. Aditionally, and If they can also have download permissions over the document, a download button will get rendered within the player for having direct access to the file.

Force download video and audio files

If you want your video and audio files to be downloadable instead of playable you can set the Force download all files setting in the block settings to enabled.