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Template overrides

Last updated: 19 December 2023

If you have made it here, that is probably because you need a template to things YOUR way! That's perfect, you are in the right place ... I'll show you how to create your own template overrides.

The location

First things first. You need to create a folder for adding your template overrides inside:


Inside the docman override folder you may have 3 different folders each one pointing to overrides for admin, site and base templates. As their name suggest, each one of these folders harbors templates for the different DOCman interfaces. The admin interface templates are located in the admin folder, site templates on site, while base holds generic and re-usable templates. These 3 folders are one to one mappings of the folders located on:

admin: SITE_ROOT/wp-content/plugins/foliolabs-docman/admin/view/VIEW/templates
site: SITE_ROOT/wp-content/plugins/foliolabs-docman/site/view/VIEW/templates
base: SITE_ROOT/wp-content/plugins/foliolabs-docman/base/view/VIEW/templates

Learn by example

Suppose that you would like to modify the output of a DOCman hierarchical list block with a gallery layout set. The first thing you need to do is to locate the corresponding template file inside the DOCman plugin folder:


Inside this folder you may find the 3 main list layouts for list blocks (gallery, list and table). Since we are interested on overriding the gallery layout (gallery.html.php) let's open and see its contents:

 * @package     DOCman
 * @copyright   Copyright (C) 2019 Timble CVBA. (http://www.timble.net)
 * @license     GNU GPLv3 <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>
 * @link        http://www.joomlatools.com
defined('FOLIOKIT') or die; ?>
<? // Document list | Import child template from documents view ?>
<?= import('com://site/docman/documents/gallery.html', [
    'documents'     => $documents,
    'subcategories' => $subcategories,
    'photoswipe' => option('document_title_link') === 'download' && $category->canDownloadDocument()

First step if to copy all of the template's content and paste it inside a new override file located at:


You are now effectively overriding the original template file. DOCman will automatically load this template instead of the original one located in the WordPress plugins folder. Any change made inside this template file will be immediately visible and most importantly, it will not get replaced or removed when updating to a newest DOCman version.

Now let's add a small change inside this overridden file:

defined('FOLIOKIT') or die; ?>
<h3> I've just customized my gallery template! </h3>
<? // Document list | Import child template from documents view ?>
<?= import('com://site/docman/documents/gallery.html', [

Now refresh your corresponding list block on the site's frontend to see the magic

Templates including templates

One thing worth mentioning is that template files may include other files by using the import( ... ) call. In this specific case you see the template file above including another template => com://site/docman/documents/gallery.html. This corresponds to a template identifier pointing to a file located at:


Template identifiers

A template identifier in DOCman is constructed as follows:


As an example, if you see an import call such as:


you should then look for the template file inside this folder:


Alternatively, a template identifier such as:


effectively points to a template file located at: