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Tree list

Last updated: 14 November 2022

The DOCman Tree list block provides the exact same functionality of the Hirarchical list block while also including a tree category filter on its left side. This category filter helps on quickly filtering the categories and documents that get displayed on the right side of the block.


The category filter lets you select the root category for the documents list.

Note: If you leave this unselected, DOCman will use the documents root category as the parent category for the documents list in this block.



Display a list of categories and documents in a compact table. Try the tree list table layout on our demo site.


Display a list of categories and documents with descriptions. Try the tree list list layout on our demo site.

Display a gallery of categories and documents in an image gallery. Try the tree list gallery layout on our demo site.


DOCman comes with lots of options to customize its look & feel.

Document Options

The set of available options differs depending on the layout that is selected in the block configuration.

Table layout

List layout

Category Options


We also support shortcodes for this block type. You can visit our Tree list block shortcodes guide for learning more on how to add this block outside the Gutenberg editor.