The Web Should be Open. We believe that powerful software is peer-reviewed, community-supported and affordable.  i.e. ‘Free and Open Source’.

The license under which the Joomlatools software is released is the GPL from the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is included with every Joomlatools product, but you can also read the text of the license here.

Part of this license outlines requirements for derivative works, such as plugins or templates. Derivatives of Joomlatools code inherit the GPL license. Joomla, which has the same GPL license as Joomlatools, has an excellent page on licensing as it applies to templates and extensions.

There is some legal grey area regarding what is considered a derivative work, but we feel strongly that plugins and templates of Joomlatools extensions are derivative work and thus inherit the GPL license. 

Please see for more information on the GPL license.


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Joomlatools does review all content that appears on the blog. However, we try to err on the side of posting "too much" rather than "too little" material, and thus, you may find content that is heavily opinionated or even dead wrong at times.

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