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What is the difference between FILEman and DOCman

Last updated: 15 May 2017



Think about FILEman as an advanced media manager for Joomla. It has the same base features as the Joomla media manager with added ease of use and complete frontend management. 


If you just are looking to offer the files (documents, images, etc) for download from your site and you don't need advanced permissions or the ability to add metadata (description, tags, category ...) to a file you can use FILEman.

FILEman allows you to upload files either through FTP or through the web interface into different physical folders on your filesystem just like the Joomla media manager does.

Additionally FILEman allows you to make those files downloadable from through frontend of your site by linking one or more menu items to one or more folders of your choosing. Through the frontend you can easily manage your files without needing to have access to the Joomla administrator.

A big advantage of FILEman is that files uploaded into the Joomla /images folder through FTP or any other way are immediately available on your website. No extra steps required.

Demo links

Feature overview: http://joomlatools.com/fileman



Think about DOCman as a complete document and download manager for Joomla. DOCman turns a physical file into a virtual document.

DOCman allows you to define additional metadata for a file. You can add : title, description, thumbnail, icon, access and action permissions, etc. 

DOCman has added security and workflow features to allow multiple users to manage documents on your site, from both the administrator and the frontend.


If you want to allow different users to manage files in various categories and sections on your site and/or want to add additional information (description, image, etc) to your files then DOCman is the right tool for the job.

DOCman allows you to upload files either through FTP or through the web interface into different folders, each file is then turned into a document with extra metadata added to it and added to a specific category.

DOCman's build-in groups and permission system allows to share documents privately and securely with individual users using the document individual permissions system. Additional DOCman allows to make documents available to one or more Joomla user groups.

Demo links

Feature overview: http://joomlatools.com/docman

Note : Both FILEman and DOCman allow you to insert links to documents into articles using the included editor plugin.