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Last updated: 09 September 2019

The Notify plugin can send notification emails when specific actions are performed on an article.


The Notify plugin is bundled in the TEXTman installation package and available in Joomla's Plugin Manager after installing TEXTman.



Define who will receive notification emails:

  • Article owner: notify the article owner of changes being made to any of their articles
  • Article groups: notify all the users in a group who have access to an article
  • Category owner: notify the category owner of changes being made to articles in any of their categories


Define when users receive notifications:

  • Add: when an article gets added
  • Edit: when an article gets edited
  • Delete: when an article gets deleted
  • Publish: when an article gets published or unpublished

Tip: Emails are not sent to the user performing the action. When testing the plugin yourself you can debug notifications.

Debug notifications

When Joomla's Debug System is enabled, debug notifications will be sent by the Notify plugin as follows:

System message

The currently logged-in user will get a Joomla system message for each notification being triggered.


Users who enabled Joomla's Receive System Emails setting on their profile will receive the notifications with a list of recipients by email.


Notifications sent by the Notify plugin can be customized with a template override. The location of the original view is:


Copy the file to your template's html directory and make your own customizations: