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Editing Articles

Last updated: 29 March 2022

The article editor is where you can you edit and update your article change the title and url alias. On the right hand side you will find a sidebar with different additional properties for the articles. 

The article view is multi-lingual aware. Meaning that if your site is multi-lingual TEXTman will show the article only for the selected language.


An article can be assigned to a single category. If you have permission to do so, you can also create a new category from within the article form.


Tags are a useful way to group together related articles, quickly informing readers about the topics that an article covers, not to mention that tags make finding your content a breeze. The use of tags within Joomla! is completely optional.

Aside from selecting tags for the article, you can also create new tags immediately, assuming you have permission to do so.


Featured image is integrated within Joomla Content's Intro Image, it also doubles as the Full Article Image whenever one is not explicitly set. One really cool aspect of Featured Image is that it serves as the opengraph image for your article, no more random image when your site's articles are shared on social media sites.

Note: Uploaded featured images will be resized in accordance with the maximum dimensions you select in TEXTman's settings.

Learn about how to show the featured image on category blog pages but hide it on article pages.


You can update the article summary. A summary is a discretionary hand-created synopses of your content. The summary is used to improve SEO as the page meta description, it's also used when sharing articles on Facebook or Twitter. For more info read our  sharing articles tutorial.


The editor buttons below the editor are context aware and will react slightly different is you install other Joomlatools extensions.

  • The Joomla Image editor button is hidden if FILEman is installed and the button plugin is enabled.
  • The Joomla Article editor button is hidden if LOGman is installed and the Linker button plugin is enabled.
  • The Module editor button is always hidden.