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Editor Overview

Last updated: 26 February 2018

TEXTman is based on the popular CKEditor, it comes pre packed with lots of powerful content editing features.

Basic Features

See: http://ckeditor.com/features and http://sdk.ckeditor.com/index.html

  • Advanced text formatting
  • Advanced paste from Word
  • Spell check as you type

The editor has the autocorrect and autolink plugins installed by default.

  • autolink: transform typed url to hyperlink
  • autocorrect transforms certain character combinations to corresponding symbolsautomatically


The editor will automatically expand and shrink vertically depending on the amount and size of content entered in its editing area.

What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Article Editor

The article editor provides a basic WYSIWYG content editor that lets you create, edit, and format your content in a view that is reminiscent of a word processor.

  1. Text formatting styles.
  2. Bold
  3. Italic
  4. Underline
  5. Strikethrough
  6. Remove formatting
  7. Insert / edit link
  8. Remove link
  9. Insert / edit image
  10. Insert table
  11. insert horizontal line
  12. Insert ordered list
  13. Insert un-ordered list
  14. Left justified text
  15. Right justified text
  16. Paste
  17. Paste from MS Word
  18. Undo
  19. Redo
  20. View / edit HTML source
  21. Full screen editor

Joomla Editor Buttons

  • The article editor button will be hidden if LOGman is installed and the Linker editor plugin is enabled.
  • The image editor button will be hidden if FILEman is installed and the FILELink editor plugin is enabled.
  • TEXTman will always hide the module editor button.