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Article Automation

Last updated: 19 October 2020

Email Notifications

TEXTman's Notify plugin can notify corresponding user-groups on certain events, such as:

  • Add a new article
  • Edit an existing article
  • Delete an article
  • Publish an article
  • Unpublish an article

Note: Auto-save doesn't send edit notifications, notifications will only be sent when explicitly saving a drafted article.

Example email notifications:

Article Scheduling

Article scheduling allows you to plan ahead with your content publishing, publish time sensitive articles and publish time limited articles.

TEXTman brings article scheduling front-and-centre. When creating or editing an article you can immediately set the Publish On and/or Archive On dates when you set the article state to Scheduled

Scheduled articles will be published on your site, and archived from your site, at the exact date/time you set.

To read more about article scheduling please see our Scheduling articles documentation