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Customize file attachments in articles

Last updated: 09 March 2021

FILEman file attachments in articles are automatically rendered. However, you can modify how it's being presented by doing a template override. To customize it, see the following instruction:

  1. In the Joomla admin dashboard, go to Extension > Templates > Templates
  2. Click on the active template for the frontend e.g. Protostar
  3. Click the "Create Overrides" tab and click the "com_fileman" under the "Components" column header
  4. Click "attachments", this will create a template override for this view
  5. In the "Editor" tab, go to html > com_fileman > attachments
  6. Click the corresponding layout that you set in the FILEman settings (FILEman > Settings > Attachments > Layout). e.g. "List"
  7. This will open the layout file in the editor where you can modify virtually everything in the layout.