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Last updated: 19 April 2022

TEXTman by itself does not offer any logging features over and above those available in the Joomla core content component, article views (article hits).


For more useful logging data, TEXTman has built-in integration with LOGman and, for Agency and Business subscribers, with Joomlatools Dashboard.


LOGman integration allows you to see if a user has read a specific article or see how popular an article is.

Learn more about LOGman, our state-of-the-art logging platform for Joomla.

Joomlatools Dashboard

Agency and Business subscribers can access the following analytics data from within their Joomlatools Dashboard:

  • This month's total pageviews
  • Today's total pageviews
  • This week's pageviews, by day
  • The most popular pages this month, by number of visits
  • Pageviews by referrer.

Learn more about Joomla article analytics with Joomlatools Dashboard.