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LOGman 3.0 to LOGman 3.1

Last updated: 21 March 2022

If you are unsure about the upgrade or have questions related to your setup, you can contact us and we can make sure everything is in order together.


  • Joomla 3.7.x or later
  • LOGman 3.1, check our upgrading guides when running an older version

How it works

1. Check the changelog

We have added a few new features to LOGman 3.1 but also removed some. Make sure to check the changelog before upgrading.

2. Backup, the backup

Before you start the upgrade process please make a full backup of your site. Make sure your site is offline or make a copy of your site where you can work in.

3. Upgrade LOGman

Upgrading to LOGman 3.1 is done via the standard Joomla extension updater. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Update. Click Find Updates in the toolbar if you do not see LOGman in the list. Then select LOGman and click Update in the toolbar.

4. Upgrade DOCman & FILEman (optional)

Also install the latest DOCman 3.1 & FILEman 3.1 packages if you use them on your site.

Since all our extensions share a common base framework your site might stop functioning if you don’t upgrade all extensions together.