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Content re-directs

Last updated: 29 March 2022

Joomla 3.8 introduced a new ID-less URLs routing system (modern routing) for SEO friendlier URLs. Joomla's own documentation states that:

"There are cases where changing the routing system can change a page’s URL and cause an existing page to give a 404 response."

Erroneous 404 links aren't great for your website's SEO. We all get them, whether that's because we enabled Joomla's modern routing system on an exisiting website, or whether it's just a link's alias that's been changed.

Joomla's documentation also states that:

"Developers are still discussing ideas for a migration plan to keep old URLs working to some extent."

Since version 4.0 LOGman solves this problem by implementing a route logging system which basically keeps track of URLs for each content item on your site. If a 404 is about to occur as a result of using any of those outdated URLs, the system automatically issues a re-direct to the most up to date URL of the resource with proper HTTP headers.https://www.joomlatools.com/images/blog/2018/lm40-features/url-routing.png?auto=true&w=1003

This feature is enabled by default when installing component and it requires LOGman to learn about your current routes before being able to perform these automatic re-directs. This means that if you are already having 404s issues on your site, LOGman will not be able to correct the situation as it does not yet know anything about your previous routes and how they relate to your content items. It is for this reason that we recommend leaving this feature on as you may need it later on.