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Last updated: 26 March 2020

LEADman does not have a built-in logging feature. However, LOGman, our state-of-the-art logging platform for Joomla, has built-in support for LEADman. LOGman tracks leads by registered and guest users and will log the time and date that a lead was submitted as well as the IP address of the user.

LOGman will log the following LEADman actions:

Contacts add, edit, delete, trash, restore
Leads add


DOCman also supports different download statistics mechanisms which can be used together to get download statistics information:

DOCman document view or download notification

LEADman has a built-in document download email notification feature. A link to the document can be sent to users so that they are not asked to submit the lead form again to view or download the same document.

Activities Notifications

Using the LOGman - Notify plugin, you can send email notifications to either specific recipients or user groups every time a website user performs any of the following activities:

  • add contact
  • edit contact
  • delete contact
  • trash contact
  • restore contact
  • submit new lead