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Getting started with LEADman

Last updated: 25 March 2022


LEADman is a leads generation and contact management extension for Joomla, it allows you to generate sales and marketing leads from your DOCman documents and Joomla articles.


  1. Download LEADman from your Joomlatools Dashboard
  2. Navigate to System > Install > Extensions
  3. Open the Upload Package File tab
  4. Click Choose file to select the downloaded LEADman package
  5. Click Upload & Install to start the installation

Let's get started

Now that LEADman is installed in your system, let's start using it.

1. Create a menu item

  1. Navigate to Menus > Main Menu and create a new Menu Item
  2. Enter a title
  3. Select LEADman's Contact Form Menu Item Type
  4. Click Save & Close

Open LEADman

Open LEADman by navigating to Components > LEADman: