The standard output from any Joomla Module or Component can be overridden by adding code to the html directory of your template.

LEADman fully supports the Joomla template override mechanism.

Template files

Templates can be found in /components/com_leadman/views/[name]/tmpl and can be overridden by copying the template to your Joomla template's html folder.

Our Framework documentation provides more in-depth information about template overrides. Template overrides are also explained in almost every Joomla developer book.

Media assets

The media assets can be found in the /media/com_leadman.

The best way to find out how an element is being styled would be to use the Elements panel in Google Chrome DevTools. This will show you the styles of the elements you want to change and in what file they can be found. You can then override them by adding override styles to your template.