Language Overrides

You can override any language string in LEADman, without touching a single language .ini file, using Joomla's language override manager.

In your Joomla admin go to System > Manage > Language Overrides and click on the New button, then follow these steps:

Search text you want to change

In the language override form Search for select choose Constant from the dropdown.

search for constant

In the Search Text input search for the language constant that you want to override and select it.

The following example shows how to override the form's First Name label, which uses the language constant KLS_FIRST_NAME.

search text constant

Edit this Override

In the Text textarea you can add your own text to override the language constant.

In our example we'll change the Fist Name to display in Italian as Nome di battesimo.

edit override

Save and close once you're finished.

The language string will be updated with your override.

edit override