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Last updated: 29 March 2022

FILEman's attachments plugin is a very useful tool to easily link one or more files to a content item. These files may then be viewed and/or downloaded when visualizing content on the site.

Attachments may be added to content by simply clicking on the Attachments button of the editor while editing the content.

Clicking on the plugin editor button will bring up the attachments interface which allows you to upload a file and attach it to the content item being edited. The interface also allows for removing attachments from the content item.

Attachments are rendered while viewing content from the frontend. They may be rendered as a list or as a gallery. The way attachments are rendered may be controlled in the  FILEman settings view


At the moment attachments may be only added to Joomla articles and DOCman documents. We are planning to add support to more content types in future releases.