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User files

Last updated: 22 March 2022

Displays a list of folders and files owned (created and uploaded) by the logged-in user. These files and folders are only visible and accessible through this menu item and other users cannot access them. This menu item is ideal for setting up a private space containing files and folders.



This layout may be used to display the logged-in user's folders and files of every type using a tabular template.

A set of options are provided for customizing the look and feel of the menu item.

When selecting gallery in the menu item layout selector FILEman will only display the logged-in user's image files in a thumbnails grid.

The additional options this menu item provides are contextual and change when the layout type is set from table to gallery.

Note: User files and folders are stored in a separate container located at

You may try the FILEman user files menu item in our demo site.

Learn more about how to set up a private files area.