FILEman already comes in 27 languages, you can easily add your own language if it's missing, or, if you find that a language file is incomplete you can update anything that's missing, by joining our army of translators.

This process ensures that your translation will be included in the next maintenance release and all future versions of FILEman.

Just follow these steps:

Log in to Transifex

Sign up for a Transifex account:, if you don't already have one.

Joomlatools projects

Once you're logged in, go directly to the Joomlatools projects page

Join a project

Select FILEman from the list of available translation projects and click the Join this project button in the sidebar.

join project button

Select the language that you'd like to add a translation for and join the project.

select language form

Once your request has been granted you'll be able to add a translation for any untranslated text strings.