What do our customers say?

Fabulous program and exceptional support ★★★★★

Portrait of Elli

DOCman is a great extension to easily organise documents for various access levels. Without a world of expertise, our members can download and access documents and our editors can publish documents. The support is truly exceptional. I cannot thank the team enough for the help they provided when we had a problem on our site. They went above and beyond!


Outstanding Support and Integrity ★★★★★

Portrait of Joy Hanawa

DOCman provides all the features listed and is very easy to use, install and understand. I had an issue with not understanding my own business needs and they resolved my concerns immediately. I would buy DOCman and any other Joomlatools extension again. Great product and by far the best customer support!

Joy Hanawa

Sophisticated but easy to use! ★★★★★

Portrait of Joe Sonne

I’ve been using DOCman since version 1.x, and just updated to 2.1. I t just keeps getting better. My clients are always impressed and often express they are getting enterprise level functionality inside Joomla! with this component. Support through Joomlatools is exemplary. I do subscribe to the highest level of support which is worth every penny!

Joe Sonne

Robust tool. Excellent support. ★★★★★

Portrait of Renea Leathers

Recently migrated several thousand files (hundreds of folders) into DOCman 2. A few glitches were found and reported. The team quickly worked code fixes and deployed them on my site. Its incredibly easy to use and the team is very responsive to user feedback.

Strongly recommended.

Renea Leathers

Just perfect for me! ★★★★★

Portrait of Jacopo Ceccarelli

The new 2.0 version of the extension is very very cool and makes my life easy as an administrator for a school with tons of study material uploaded and downloaded every day.

I’ll keep using this forever!

Jacopo Ceccarelli

Smooth migration - unmatched support ★★★★★

Portrait of Pastor Tom Fuller

I have used DOCman for a number of years and eagerly awaited version 2. I was very very pleased with the migration process. It was well documented and the migration application ran very smoothly on several sites.

Pastor Tom Fuller

DOCman ★★★★★

Portrait of Jacqueline Cross

I have been using DOCman for over 5 years. First the free and was so impressed with the ease of product I went with the paid version for the last two years. My websites are public education portals. The information that needs to be available to many entities is enormous! DOCman has made that task easy. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Done.

I highly recommend. Support is awesome as well!

Jacqueline Cross

Great component, good service ★★★★★

Portrait of Tom Albinson

DOCman continues to evolve into a user-friendly and extremely useful tool for sharing files with clients. The integration of Joomla User Manager groups makes it possible to easily make different documents/files accessible to specific clients. If that’s what you need, DOCman is your solution.

Tom Albinson - EZ Webb IT

Excellent Support ★★★★★

Portrait of Richard Jacob

I’m very impressed with the fast, courteous and efficient support I received with the DOCman component subscription.

I did have some issues migrating a couple hundred documents from a Joomla 1.5 site to a 3.2 site, mostly because of my haste and failure to understand the differences in the old and new components. But I received very prompt and correct support for my questions. I would highly recommend this component.

Richard Jacob

Great product and great support ★★★★★

Portrait of Michael Naunheim

DOCman provides comprehensive feature set. Installation is very easy; configuration and administration is intuitive. For setup, the demo site helps a lot (front- and back-end).

Great support, worth the money.

Michael Naunheim

Great product, great service ★★★★★

Portrait of Mike Kiy

Store, upload, organise and retrieve - all fantastic. Simple and intuitive for the webmaster and more importantly for the web admins and visitors. All documentation is there, in plain English.

I have this loaded as a key component on 80% of our websites - the price is piffling; it is essential to what we do.

Mike Kiy

Very affordable - super fast support turn-around ★★★★★

Portrait of Pia Cathrin Rasmussen

DOCman makes working with documents so much easier. I find it super easy to use. I’ve had a few issues when an update went wrong. The support I received was outstanding. Thumbs up all around for the team and thank you!

Pia Cathrin Rasmussen - oscepa.org

Absolutely Brilliant ★★★★★

Portrait of Dennis Willemsen

We have been using DOCman for 8 years now and it has never disappointed us. We are using it on a Charity site, raising money to fund scientific research into the Angelman Syndrome.

For a voluntary organisation like ours, DOCman’s intuitive and easy to learn interface are key. And when we hit a problem the swift and prompt support is there to help us. The team will not give up until your problem is solved. Very professional.

Dennis Willemsen - ninafoundation.eu

Fast and knowledgeable support with a dose of humour ★★★★★

Portrait of Peter van Geelen

I am using this for the public distributing of my 465 Honda motorcycle manuals. The set-up is very easy. Once categories are added and permissions are set, it’s very easy and fast in use. Upload a file, publish it. There is nothing more to it!

These guys are awesome. They have a great sense of humour and I really appreciate that! The initial purchase for the full pack did hurt a little but the software is stable, has regular updates and the support is phenomenal!

Peter van Geelen

Essential Tool, Awesome Support Team ★★★★★

Portrait of Diane Kistner

The design of DOCman makes it possible to use the data fields in flexible ways to accomplish multiple types of tasks and download products.

Our recent experience with the DOCman support team has convinced us to stick with DOCman and continue to renew our subscription.

Diane Kistner

Structure protocol, procedure and general educational information ★★★★★

Portrait of Ed Ammendola

A large part of what our organisation does requires structured documentation around protocol, procedure and general educational information. DOCman allows our members to upload, organise and share their files across categories; publicly, privately and securely.

The team was very responsive to our pre-sales questions. Thank you Joomlatools!

Ed Ammendola - RACES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services)