Check out what DOCman can do for you

Easy to use

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DOCman makes adding downloadable documents to your site super simple.

Stay organized


Organize your documents across infinite nested categories.

Frontend management


Completely manage DOCman from the frontend: add, edit and delete documents & categories

Private documents

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DOCman allows to share documents privately and securly with individual users using the document owner permissions.

Access control


Select which Joomla user groups should see it. It's that easy!

Beautiful frontend

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DOCman blends seamlessly into the template of your website. It also comes with various Menu Item Types like a list, table and tree view.

Check our showcase for live examples of DOCman in websites of our customers.

Advanced permissions

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DOCman supports the Joomla permission system. You can define add, edit, delete, upload and download permissions for categories and documents.

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Batch upload


Upload many files at once and instantly create documents for them with a single click.

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Built-in video & audio player New


Play video and audio files on your site with the built-in media player. The media player is fully responsive and will gracefully resize on smaller screens and mobile devices.

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Document indexing

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Search for text inside uploaded files. Indexing happens automatically on our servers on upload. We support PDF, Microsoft Office, Open Document Format and many more file formats in any language.

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Document linking


Easily insert links to documents into articles using the DOClink editor plugin, you can even insert links to categories and menu items.

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Document submissions

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DOCman offers a simple way to allow users to submit documents using drag and drop from the frontend with integrated notification support.

This makes it easy to setup a dropbox on your site. Integrated support for uploading documents with your smartphone.

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Drag & drop file uploads


You can upload multiple files at once or upload remote files from a URL. The file uploader has a built-in drag and drop area.

With DOCman you can upload files of unlimited size regardless of your server settings.

File thumbnails

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Automated thumbnail generation for uploaded files. Every image file will get a beautiful thumbnail. We also support PDF, Microsoft Office, Open Document Format, Videos and many more file formats using our Connect service.

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Photo editor


Resize, crop, or filter your images right inside the browser without leaving your site!

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The image gallery is a simple way of displaying an album. Simply put all your images in a folder and create a menu item for it to get an instant image gallery.

Scanning existing documents New


You can now install Connect on an existing site and scan all existing documents in one go!

Search view improvements New


All search fields can be disabled through menu item parameters for a custom, cleaner interface. In addition, the tag filter only shows tags that are attached to one or more documents in the current menu item.


DOCman supports both Joomla’s regular search and smart search.

You can also enable a search field and additional filters in DOCman itself to make it easier to find the desired document in a long list.

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Stock images


Easily find, select and insert beautiful and royalty free feature images from Unsplash, a photography collection from the world’s most generous community of photographers.

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Even more features

Local & remote storage

Files can be hosted locally across multiple folders and subfolders or you can link to files stored on a remote server.


Microdata is added to documents to help search engines better understand the presented information.

Email notifications

DOCman can send E-mail notifications when specific actions are performed.

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FTP upload

Large amounts of files can also be uploaded by FTP. DOCman recognizes these files.

Real-time streaming

DOCman comes with built-in support for video and audio streaming.


DOCman supports both LTR and RTL languages and has many translations available.

Social media tags

DOCman supports Open Graph and Twitter Cards.

Joomla updater

New releases will install with “one-click” using Joomla’s built-in updater.

Resume download

When a download stalls DOCman will automatically resume downloading it.

File versioning

DOCman's implicit file versioning, works the same way as your computer, when you you upload a file that already exists you can choose to replace the file, or upload it as newer version.


Classify and relate documents without a strict hierarchical structure.

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Download statistics

DOCman automatically integrates with Google Analytics so you can get detailed reports.

Email validation

Validate email addresses, combat spam and help prevent typos with DOCman Leads and Joomlatools Connect.

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The built-in security system protects files from hackers. File paths are never shown and files can not be directly accessed.

Menu Items

DOCman features various Menu Items depending on the type of page you want to display.


Files can be moved. DOCman ensures that your documents will always work.


Documents can be viewed in the browser itself or with Google Viewer when supported.