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DOCman 2.0 beta to DOCman 2.0 stable

Last updated: 21 August 2017

If you are unsure about the upgrade or have questions related to your setup, you can contact us and we can make sure everything is in order together.


  1. Backup, make sure you have a working backup of your site that includes your files
  2. Clean cache, clean your Joomla cache to prevent any issues since DOCman uses a new caching system.


  1. EXTman, install the latest EXTman package
  2. DOCman, install the latest DOCman package
  3. Optional, install the latest FILEman and LOGman packages if you use them on your site. Since all our extensions share a common base framework your site might stop functioning if you don't upgrade all extensions together.

After upgrading from an early DOCman 2 release to the latest DOCman version, you need execute a couple of manual actions to complete the process.

From DOCman 2.0 beta 2 to latest DOCman

When you upgrade from DOCman 2.0 beta 2 the following changes are automatically made:

  1. Your Menu Items for Category and All categories types will automatically be migrated to a new List type. 
  2. If your file names had international characters and punctuation marks in them, they were stored using a special technique. This made it hard to manager your files over FTP and other programs so we made sure they are renamed automatically to corresponding names.
  3. A new database column is added to DOCman table.

From DOCman 2.0 alpha to latest DOCman

1. Move directories

There are two directories in your images folder called docman-icons and docman-images. These directories should be moved into joomlatools-files.

2. SQL queries

You need to run the following SQL queries to make sure icons and images for your documents continue working. Don’t forget to replace #__ with your Joomla table prefix.

UPDATE `#__files_containers` SET `path` = 'joomlatools-files/docman-images' WHERE `path` = 'images/docman-images'; 
UPDATE `#__files_containers` SET `path` = 'joomlatools-files/docman-icons' WHERE `path` = 'images/docman-icons';
ALTER TABLE `#__docman_documents` MODIFY `description` longtext COMMENT ''; 
ALTER TABLE `#__docman_documents` ADD COLUMN `image` varchar(512) NOT NULL default '' AFTER `description`; 
ALTER TABLE `#__docman_categories` ADD COLUMN `image` varchar(512) NOT NULL default '' AFTER `description`; 
ALTER TABLE `#__docman_documents` ADD COLUMN `publish_on` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00' AFTER `access`, ADD COLUMN `unpublish_on` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00' AFTER `publish_on`;
ALTER TABLE `#__docman_category_relations` ADD KEY `path_index` (`descendant_id`);

3. Change storage path

Go to the Configuration in DOCman backend and change your file storage path to joomlatools-files/docman-files.