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DOCman 1.4 j15 to DOCman 1.5

Last updated: 18 May 2017

If you have any version of DOCman 1.4, you can always upgrade to DOCman 1.5 without loosing your data, except the config settings and the theme.

  1. Optional: Make a backup copy of /administrator/components/com_docman/docman.config.php (optional)
  2. Optional: If you have custom themes, make sure you backup these separately in /components/com_docman/themes
  3. Uninstall DOCman. Your files, documents, categories, licenses, logs and groups will be preserved.
  4. Uninstall the DOCman search plugin, DOClink and the official modules.
  5. Install DOCman 1.5 (download)
  6. Restore /administrator/components/com_docman/docman.config.php
  7. Review the configuration settings and save, make sure that Path for storing files is correct.