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Conflicts with other extensions

Last updated: 15 June 2022

1. Akeeba Admintools

Abeeba Admin Tools WAF security settings can triggers errors. To resolve this you need to add " koowa" to the list of allowed tmpl = keywords.

Go to Components -> Admin Tools -> Web Application Firewall -> Configure WAF -> Tab: Visual Fingrprinting Protection -> add " koowa" to the "list of allowed tmpl=keywords" (the list will now be: "component,system,raw,koowa")

2. PDF Indexer - Joomla PDF and DOC indexer

We discovered that the PDF Indexer conflicts with DOCman in a couple of ways:

  1. Docman document search breaks when the PDF Indexer plugin is enabled.
  2. The PDF Indexer plugin bypasses DOCman's ACL when it builds its links, meaning that your users can access non-public DOCman documents, even whilst logged out.

If you are using the PDF Indexer please try to contact the developers of the plugin to see if they have a solution.

3. Helix Framework

If you are using the Helix II template framework from Joomshaper you might get errors when navigating to the "Add new document" on the frontend after clicking the SELECT a file button. The lightbox can show the following warning :

<strong>Warning</strong>: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in <strong>/www/plugins/system/helix/shortcodes/column.php</strong> on line <strong>32</strong>

Solution : In your template folder, create a new folder called "shortcodes" (if it doesn't exist) %your templatefolder%/shortcodes/column.php

In the "shortcodes" folder, copy the column.php from the Helix framework.

Open the newly copied file then look for the line add_shortcode( 'row', 'row_sc' ); and replace with add_shortcode( 'sprow', 'row_sc' ); and save the file.Now, in order to use column shortcode you must need to use [sprow] instead of [row] in your article.

For more info : http://www.joomshaper.com/forums/question/system-helix-framework-plugin-not-working-with-docman

4. Ohanah

Ohanah is using a previous version of our Joomlatools Framework. Upgrading DOCman 3 with Ohanah v2 or v3 installed would break your site as Ohanah would no longer function correctly.  There is no solution for this issue. Ohanah does work with DOCman 2.x

5. Securitycheck Extensions

If you have either of these extensions installed you might experience  404 error messages "file not found" / "category not found" errors for menu items and modules. This only happens with Joomla SEO urls enabled. 

Either disable both extensions or contact the developers of the extensions so they can investigate why their plugins are blocking DOCman.

  1. Securitycheck Pro
  2. Securitycheck Spam Protection

6. sh404sef

If after upgrading to joomla 3.8.0, with sh404sef also installed on your site, DOCman doesn't show anything on the frontend and you just see your template without any DOCman content, then please update DOCman to the latest stable version and also update sh404sef to its latest stable version.

7. SP Page Builder

When using DOCman with SP Page Builder, you might have encountered database warnings like the following:

To solve this, simply login to the backend and navigate to System > Global Configuration > Server. Under Database Settings, set the database type to "MySQL (PDO)".