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Last updated: 29 March 2022

Your DOCman files can be encrypted on your server thanks to this plugin. Encryption happens automatically on upload while decryption happens seamlessly on download.

The plugin uses Rijndael 128bit encryption algorithm. This algorithm was selected by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the candidate for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Encrypt must be installed on a site that does not have any existing DOCman files. Files uploaded before the plugin is enabled will not be encrypted.


  1. Submit a request to receive the plugin package.
  2. Install the plugin using Joomla's Extensions Manager
  3. Configure and publish the plugin

Only available for Business and Agency subscribers.


  1. PHP 5.3 or newer
  2. PECL mcrypt extension

The mcrypt extension was removed from the PHP 7.2 core and is currently available from the PECL repository.


Encryption key

Your encryption key should be stored in your server as an environment variable named DOCMAN_ENCRYPTION_KEY.

If it's not found, the plugin will use a fallback encryption key. You can change this key on the plugin's settings.

Need guidance on setting up environment variables? Simply ask us, we're happy to help.

Encrypting Files

To encrypt your files, just enable the Encrypt plugin then upload your files via backend or frontend. Only files that are uploaded after the plugin is enabled will be encrypted. Files uploaded via FTP will not be encrypted. 

Decrypting Files

If Encrypt is enabled and you try to download a file, that file will go through the decryption process. If you try to download a file that was not encrypted, the result will be a corrupted file. This is why you must only install Encrypt on a site that doesn't have any existing DOCman files.

Note: DOCman Encrypt is not supported by Joomlatools Connect. If you have already installed Joomlatools Connect, please do NOT install DOCman Encrypt.