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Last updated: 24 November 2023

DOClink is an editor plugin for Joomla. This plugin adds a "Document" button to the editor and allows to insert links to DOCman's categories and documents in Joomla articles and other content that uses the Joomla editor. All Joomla core and third party editors are supported by DOCLink.

Plugin settings

When you first install DOCman the DOClink plugin will automatically add an icon before a document link and the document size at the end of the document link.

Document link These settings can be edited via the Content - DOClink plugin administration screen.


You can select whether or not to show an icon before document links.

You can select whether or not to show the document size after document links.

You can select whether or not to convert links to audio and video files into embedded players with built-in download links.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to show icons before document links in modules, as well as content, you need to make sure that content plugins are loaded when rendering your module.

To do this, go to the module containing DOClinks and click on the Options tab. There you'll find a setting named Prepare Content, enabling this setting will import and trigger the content plugins when rendering the module for DOClinks to be decorated: