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Setup document approval workflow

Last updated: 28 September 2022

Use case

  • Registered users are allowed to upload documents.
  • A moderator is notified when new documents are uploaded.
  • Documents need to be approved by the moderator before getting published.


1. Create category

  1. Navigate to Components > DOCman > Categories
  2. Create a category called Approval Queue
  3. Under Permission set Access to Presets and select Registered
  4. Under Permission set Owner to the moderator user

2. Create menu item for users

  1. Navigate to Menus > Main menu > Add New Menu Item
  2. Set Title to Submit Documents
  3. Set Menu Item Type to DOCman > Submit Document
  4. Set Access to Registered
  5. In the DOCman tab set Category to Approval Queue
  6. In the DOCman tab set Publish automatically to No

3. Create menu item for moderator

  1. Set Title to All Documents.
  2. Set Menu Item Type to Flat List.
  3. Set Categories to All categories.
  4. Enable the document search parameter (and disable other search fields if necessary)
  5. Set Access to Special.
  6. Click Save & Close

4. Install Notify plugin (optional)

Install the Notify plugin and make sure that Notify category owner is enabled in the plugin settings.



Front-end users in the Uploaders user group can upload documents by going to the Submit Documents menu item.


The moderator is notified when a document is uploaded in the Approval Queue category. From the front-end he can move the document to its desired category before publishing it.