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Create a hidden joomla menu item

Last updated: 29 July 2022

How to prevent DOCman documents from displaying in your Joomla site but still let the documents be publicly accessible.

Using a hidden Joomla menu item, you can prevent DOCman documents from displaying while they are still publicly accessible. For example:

  1. Create a menu item that links to a DOCman category like an hierarchical list.
  2. Under the DOCman tab in the menu item, find the Document titles link to option and change it to Document file.
  3. Under the Link Type tab set the Display in Menu to No.
  4. Make sure that the access permissions of the documents are Public.

This way you have a hidden menu item that administrators can use to browse, manage, or copy/paste links to documents when needed.

A public user who just has the link will still be able to download the file.

If you only need to do this for a few documents then you can use DOCman's single document menu item type which allows you to link a document directly to a menu item.