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Scheduling documents

Last updated: 24 May 2022

Document scheduling allows you to plan ahead with your document publishing, publish time sensitive documents and publish time limited documents.

DOCman brings document scheduling front-and-centre. When creating or editing an document you can immediately set the Start Publishing On and / or Stop Publishing On dates. Scheduled documents will be published on your site at the exact date/time you set.


In your site frontend edit an document or create a new one and in the right hand column you can set the publishing dates for your document.

If you login into the frontend as a user that has edit permissions, you will see pending documents in the list with a 'pending' tag and be able to edit them. Pending documents are not visible to users who don't have edit rights on the specific document.


If you access DOCman from the administrator you will see your new document listed but marked as pending, this label signifies that the document is published but pending, i.e. pending to be displayed on or from the scheduled date(s).

Adding a new document in administrator

When you add a new document via your site's administrator interface, from the right hand column of the document submission screen you will be able to set the publishing dates for your document.

Unscheduling a document

If you change your mind about a future-date scheduled document and instead want to publish it immediately, click on the document in DOCman's dashboard and clear the Start Publishing On date, then when you click on the calendar icon the calendar will load with today's date highlighted, simply click on the date and save your document.

Troubleshooting Scheduled Documents

If your scheduled document does not appear, check the following:

  • Is your timezone correct in your Administration > System > Global Configuration > Server > Location Settings > Server Time Zone?
  • Did you save your document as unpublished rather than published? For the scheduled document to publish, you must set the Publish > Status to Published.