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Configuring permissions

Last updated: 21 October 2022

DOCman fully integrates with the Joomla's groups and permission system. In fact DOCman can be configured for any type of use-case. This article provides an introduction to the 3 aspects of permissions that you need to know:

Owner permissions (seeing & doing)

This is the simplest type of permission: an owner can both see and do things to their documents and categories. Once a user uploads a document or creates a category, they become its owner.

Owners can:

  • see their documents and categories at all times
  • download their documents
  • edit or delete their documents and categories

Only an Administrator can change the ownership of a document or category.

Learn more about  setting up a document area for logged-in users

You can turn on/off the owner's ability to edit or delete their documents and categories in DOCman’s Settings under Global permissions.

Access permissions (seeing)

Access permissions have to do with who gets to see what. This is done by defining which user groups have access to a document or category.

There are 3 options:

  1. Inheritance: inherit access permissions from their parent
  2. Groups: select one or multiple Joomla user groups
  3. Presets: select one Joomla access level

The Inheritance option saves you time and only DOCman can do that. Joomla’s core architecture and none of its native components provide this functionality.

Action permissions (doing)

Action permissions have to do with who can do what. There are scenarios that you want to grant or deny such permissions to users.


You can find the Action permissions settings in 2 places:

  1. Category form under Permissions > Actions
  2. DOCman's Settings under Global permissions and Action

There are a number of actions that a user can perform on document or category such as:

  • create
  • edit
  • delete
  • download (document only)
  • upload (document only)

The download permission is added for a scenario where someone needs to be able to see a document’s information without being able to download its file.


The Inheritance option is also available for the action permissions. If a specific action is denied for a user group, it cannot be allowed for a child group.

An example of inheritance is making visitors see documents but not download them.