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Ordering documents

Last updated: 26 March 2022

DOCman allows you to chose which order your documents are displayed in via the menu item's DOCman tab.

You can choose from the following ordering options:

  • Title Alphabetical
  • Title Reverse Alphabetical
  • Most Recent First
  • Oldest First
  • Most Popular First
  • Last Modified First
  • Document Ordering

Order documents by Document Ordering

In order to use the Document Ordering option you need to set the menu item's DOCman > Sort documents by parameter to Document Ordering and then go to Components > DOCman > Documents, you can choose to manually order all documents or only the documents that belong to a particular category by clicking on that category in the DOCman sidebar.

  1. Click on the move icon in the toolbar

  2. Once the page reloads you will be able to drag the documents to the order you require via the document's drag icon