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DOCman - Documentation

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with DOCman.

17 articles


Already using DOCman? Learn how to upgrade to a newer version.

11 articles


Migrate DOCman to another Joomla website.

5 articles


Example workflows and the permissions required to set them up.

10 articles

Menu Items

Add menu links to DOCman's different list types, document submit, search and sitemap.

6 articles


Learn how to configure DOCman for your needs.

3 articles

Use Cases

Learn more about the most popular ways DOCman is used.

3 articles


Learn how to do a few basic things in DOCman.

4 articles


Learn how to add documents and document categories to module positions in Joomla.

5 articles


Plugins extend the core functionality of DOCman, learn about the available plugins.

6 articles


DOCman integrates with many 3rd party extensions and services, learn more about them.

11 articles

Analytics & Logging

Good data helps to improve your website, learn how to analyse and log your documents.

2 articles


DOCman is built to be customised, learn how to make DOCman fit your needs.

1 articles


Learn about the known issues and troubleshooting steps when setting up DOCman.

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