Display documents above categories in list views

You need to override components/com_docman/views/list/tmpl/default.html.php. For table lists use table.html.php.

Find the following two blocks of code and swap them:

<? // Sub categories ?>
<? if ($params->show_subcategories && count($subcategories)): ?>
<? endif; ?>
<? // Documents header & sorting ?>
<? if (count($documents)): ?>
<? endif; ?>

Change the frontend document form

You need to override the file at components/com_docman/views/document/tmpl/form.html.php.

In any of the document list views you may want to change the behavior of the thumbnail links. By default clicking on the document thumbnail displays a larger version of it in a lightbox, but you can change the link to either download the document or redirect the user to the document details page. Here is how you can do it:

First override the file at components/com_docman/views/document/tmpl/document_default.html.php

For document to download after clicking the thumbnail, simply remove the following code snip:

<?= helper('behavior.thumbnail_modal'); ?>

Then if you want the user to go to the document details page after clicking on the thumbnail, find the following code snip:

<a class="docman_thumbnail thumbnail" href="<?= $document->image_download_path ?>">
    <img itemprop="thumbnailUrl" src="<?= $document->image_path ?>" alt="<?= escape($document->title); ?>" />

and replace $document->image_download_path with $document->title_link which is the path to the document details page.

Test your customization by uploading a document with a thumbnail and then clicking on the thumbnail in the front-end.

Change the thumbnail size

DOCman automatically generates a 512x512 thumbnail for each document file. DOCman reduces their size using CSS when displaying it. This means that you can control the thumbnail size using a CSS override.

Add the following snippet to your custom CSS file and set the max-width and min-width property to your desired thumbnail size:

body .koowa.koowa .com_docman .docman_thumbnail {
    max-width: 40%;
    min-width: 50px;

Remove a field?

You need to override the file at components/com_docman/views/document/tmpl/form_publishing.html.php.

First find the field you want to remove. If you would like to remove the Owner field. Find the line that starts with <div class="k-form-group"> above the Owner label.

Removing the following snippet will remove the Owner field:

<? if (!isset($hide_owner_field)): ?>
<div class="k-form-group">
    <label><?= translate('Owner'); ?></label>
    <?= helper('listbox.users', [
        'name' => 'created_by',
        'selected' => $document->created_by ? $document->created_by : object('user')->getId(),
        'deselect' => false
    ]) ?>
<? endif; ?>

Users can still change the owner by modifying the form before submitting it.

Enable document descriptions in the front-end Submit a document menu item

In DOCman 3.1 we disabled the document descriptions, in the front-end Submit a document menu item, as they are almost always unused. This only applies to new installs of 3.1.

Re-enabling the document descriptions in the front-end Submit a document menu item is very straightforward:

  1. Create an override for components/com_docman/views/submit/tmpl/form.html.php by copying it to your template's html folder. The file should be copied to /templates/[YOUR_TEMPLATE]/html/com_docman/submit/form.html.php
  2. Add the following code to the top of the file (right after the line that says <?php defined('KOOWA') or die; <?php $params->show_description = true; ?>
  3. Reload your frontend Submit a document menu item and you should see that the document description editor panel has been re-enabled.

This override will only work if you are using the default Joomla editor, or if the editor supports the Joomla Editor API's. Some editors like Ark Editor, will not work.

Move search form above the categories in Hierarchical view list layout

You need to override components/com_docman/views/list/tmpl/default.html.php. For table lists use table.html.php.

Add the following code block to where you want the search to appear:

<form action="" method="get" class="k-js-grid-controller">
    <? // Search ?>
    <?= import('com://site/docman.documents.search.html', ['filter_toggled' => false]) ?>

Then remove the default search block around line 130:

<? // Search ?>
<?= import('com://site/docman.documents.search.html') ?>