Custom Fields

Want to add custom parameters to your documents? This tutorial explains how you can:

  1. Add a price field to a document form (front-end and back-end).
  2. Add a promotion checkbox to this document.
  3. Display the price field on your website (document list and details view).
  4. Display an icon after the price to signify that it is indeed a promotion.

Custom Price Field in DOCman

The Framework Template System guide is a nice primer on templates and template overrides in general.

Create template overrides

To add pricing information about documents you need to create a series of template overrides.


You need to create three template overrides for the frontend of your website:

  • Two for displaying documents to your users
  • One file where editing takes place

Create a new directory in your template's /html/ directory called com_docman:


Copy the following files into this new directory:

  • /components/com_docman/views/document/tmpl/document.html.php
  • /components/com_docman/views/document/tmpl/default.html.php
  • /components/com_docman/views/document/tmpl/form.html.php


You will want to be able to edit pricing information in the back-end as well. Assuming that you are using the default administrator template, Isis.

Create a new directory in your template's /html/ directory called com_docman:


Copy the following file into this new directory:


Because the backend of your website is used to edit and configure documents, the default.html.php layout contains the HTML form to edit your document.

Edit form layouts

By using the parameters property of the document entity we can store the price information.

Open both of your new document editing layouts:

  • /templates/protostar/html/com_docman/document/form.html.php
  • /administrator/templates/isis/html/com_docman/document/default.html.php

Then place the following code somewhere inside the <form> tag in each file:

<? // Price ?>
<? if ($document->isParameterizable()): ?>
<div class="k-form-group">
    <label><?= translate('Price'); ?></label>
    <input class="k-form-control" required name="parameters[price]" value="<?= $document->getParameters()->price ?>" type="text"/>
        <input type="hidden" name="parameters[promotion]" value="" />
        <? $promotion_checked = (empty($document->getParameters()->promotion)) ? '' : 'checked'; ?>
        <input class="k-form-control" name="parameters[promotion]" value="1" type="checkbox" <?= $promotion_checked ?>/> 
        <?= translate('Mark as promotion'); ?>
<? endif; ?>

Form validation

Our forms get the validation Javascript behavior helper loaded with a call to:

<?= helper('behavior')->validation() ?>

This means you have enhanced validation abilities for the input field. In our example the required attribute has been added to the parameters[price] field.

Have a look through the jQuery Validator plugin documentation for more information.

Show price information

Open both your new front-end document display overrides:

  • /templates/[template]/html/com_docman/document/document.html.php
  • /templates/[template]/html/com_docman/document/default.html.php

Place the following markup wherever you would like to show the price:

<? if ($document->isParameterizable() && !empty($document->getParameters()->price)): ?>
    <span class="price-label">
        <?= translate('Price: ${price}', ['price' => $document->getParameters()->price]); ?>
        <? if (! empty($document->getParameters()->promotion)) : ?>
            <span class="k-icon-fire" aria-hidden="true"></span>
        <? endif; ?>
<? endif; ?>