It's possible to configure DOCman to override the standard behaviour of some of its features, to do so you will need to create the following file in the root directory of your website [YOUR_JOOMLA_ROOT]/joomlatools-config/docman.php.

The configuration file needs to be created if it doesn't already exist.

The DOCman behaviours that you can override are:

The tag filtering comparison operator

Tag filtering is done using the OR operator, you can allow for narrowing the result set down using the AND operator instead.

    <?php return [ 'tags' => [ 'strict' => true ] ]; ?>

Filtering for a tag in a DOCman menu item or the document search form

When filtering for a tag in a DOCman menu item, or the document search form, this setting lets you decide if tags are selected with an OR or AND operator.

    <?php return [ 'tag_filter_operator' => 'AND' ]; 

The document's file creation date

If you prefer to use the file's creation date, rather than the file's modification date, especially for documents created via the scheduler, you can use this configuration setting.

    <?php return [ 'documents' => [ 'file_creation_date' => true ] ]; 

The maximum list pagination limit

If you don't want to use Joomla's list pagination limits and instead set a custom limit, you can do so with this configuration setting.

    <?php return [ 'paginator' => [ 'max_limit' => 1000 ] ]; 

Cloud file rewrites

DOCman rewrites cloud files from Google Docs, Onedrive, and Dropbox to automatically download the document instead of rendering the preview page of the cloud provider. If you would like to turn this behavior off, you can do so with this configuration setting. (for example to do collaborative editing on a Google doc)

    <?php return [ 'documents' => [ 'cloudfile_rewrites' => false ] ];