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DOCman 3.1.0 | 16 August 2017

  • added - Batch scan existing documents with Joomlatools Connect
  • added - log scheduler calls for easy debugging
  • added - Display documents by custom ordering in the module
  • added - Show a video/audio player in DOCman's list view.
  • added - Show thumbnails in Universal Ajax live search
  • added - Turkish, Farsi, Portuguese (Portugal), and Malay translations
  • added - Drag&drop uploader to the submit view
  • added - Brand new document indexer and thumbnail creator using Connect 2.0
  • added - Search for images from the web in image field using Connect
  • added - Show indexing status in document edit form
  • added - Menu parameter to hide create category button
  • added - All search fields can be disabled through menu item parameters.
  • added - Embedded video/audio player in document lists
  • improved - Upload files into tmp folder which is garbage collected automatically.
  • fixed - Synchronize category slugs to menu items
  • removed - Remove "Create documents" button from files view

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