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DOCman 2.1.3 | 08 July 2015

  • added - Ability to set owners in batch document creation view
  • added - Support for RSS media
  • added - Greek translations
  • added - Download tracking is now supported for content links
  • improved - Document owners can always download them now
  • improved - Category hierarchies are not expanded by default in tree view
  • improved - Thumbnail generation now uses the larger dimension as the base
  • improved - Preselect first category in the tree view if it links to the root
  • improved - Sidebar tree in backend categories view follows the ordering of the grid
  • fixed - Duplicate thumbnails if the same file is uploaded again
  • fixed - Cleanup old files on install
  • fixed - File upload generated warnings on some hosts
  • fixed - Redirection issue for documents with registered access
  • fixed - File selector breaks when the folder has an ampersand
  • fixed - Login redirection for file not found errors
  • fixed - Category ordering lost after reorder
  • fixed - Double icons in content links for certain extensions
  • fixed - Gallery layout issues in some templates
  • fixed - JSON output issue with links
  • fixed - DOClink category ordering

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