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DOCman 2.1.0 | 07 April 2015

  • added - Ability to upload files of any size without restrictions
  • added - Translations for Hebrew and Czech
  • added - New gallery layout with thumbnails
  • added - New tree layout with a category sidebar
  • added - Files view in backend can be filtered and sorted now
  • added - DOClink content links now display icon and file size information in frontend
  • added - Ability to copy and move files to different folders
  • added - Ability to move documents in batches
  • added - Ability to directly select user groups in addition to view levels for access restriction
  • improved - Documents for registered users are redirected to the login form for guest users
  • improved - Category owners can now edit documents in their categories
  • improved - Automatically select the first menu item in DOClink
  • fixed - Minor frontend display issues
  • fixed - Toolbar enable/disable logic for different permission settings