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DOCman 1.5.9 | 15 December 2010

  • added - Changed index2.php references to index.php
  • added - Changed ENGINE to TYPE MyISAM
  • added - Removed hard coded width
  • added - Renamed plugin name 'Search DOCman' => 'Search -DOCman
  • added - Renamed plugin name 'DOCman Standard Buttons' => 'DOCman -Standard Buttons'
  • added - Renamed plugin name 'DOCLink' => 'DOCman -Link'
  • added - Changed DOCMAN_utils::getItemid to have fallbacks which returns public menu items first before anything else
  • added - Added Search within sub categories
  • added - Added blank index.html on all directories
  • added - Temporarily increased Search Result Limit to 50. Complete fix will be for DOCman 1.6
  • improved - Removed "Email Group Users" in Settings as it doesn't have any use
  • fixed - Fixed improperly executed search when searching for Title only
  • fixed - Fixed broken URLs when titles have non-latin characters
  • fixed - Fixed permission bug when Category is set to Special
  • fixed - Fixed to as PHP tags in template
  • fixed - Removed JRoute XHTML compliance on redirects
  • fixed - Fixed a problem in DOClink when quotes are used in the document title
  • fixed - Corrected incorrect delete message in Admin list view
  • fixed - Fixed a major bug where Itemid is not set in URLs causing many problems in SEF and module menu assignments

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