We started working on Joomlatools UI during the development of DOCman 3. Our goal was to create a consistent user interface across all our Joomla extensions. So our developers can transfer their knowledge and skills from one extension to another.

With Joomlatools UI we set a new milestone in our goal to improve the life of any Joomla developer. We want to make it easier for developers to create user-centered Joomla extensions.


Why a new templating framework and not just use Bootstrap or Foundation?

Joomlatools UI is more than a templating framework, it's also a set of guidelines. Built around a number of timeless principles for human-computer interaction. You can't just copy-paste anything anywhere.

More differences:

For Joomlatools UI we got inspired by the well-thought-out macOS Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design.

Tools and methodologies

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