Get or set PHP config directive for the currently active PHP version


box php:ini [-l|--list-files] [--] [<key>] [<value>]

To retrieve a value from the currently installed PHP version, you can use the box php:ini <directive> command. For example, to get the current mysql.default_socket value: box php:ini mysql.default_socket To change this value into something else, append the new value: box php:ini mysql.default_socket /path/to/new/socket The script puts these directives into an additional config file that overrides the default values. To remove the directive again, pass in an empty value: box php:ini mysql.default_socket "" If you want to get the list of the scanned .ini files, run the command without arguments: box php:ini



Name of the directive to lookup or update


New value


--list-files , -l


List all installed PHP versions


box php:list

To get a list of the PHP versions you have build and installed, run: box php:list Use the box php:use <VERSION> command to switch to one of the available versions.


Uninstall a custom PHP version


box php:remove <version>



PHP version to remove


Switch back to the default system PHP


box php:reset


Switch to another PHP version. Will attempt to compile from source if not installed.


box php:use <version>

You can build and install any PHP version from 5.2.0 and up automatically. This is ideal to try out your code on new PHP releases or to fix bugs that have been reported on older PHP versions. To install one of the available versions, for example 7.0.0RC6, execute: box php:use 7.0.0RC6 The script will check if this version has been installed and if not, will attempt to build it. Please note that building PHP might take a while. You can get a list of buildable versions using the box php:versions command. To see what is already compiled and available, use the box php:list command. To revert back to the default PHP installation, run box php:reset. The truly adventurous can build the current master branch with this command: box php:use master. Each time you build the master branch the script will pull in the latest changes from the PHP Git repository.



PHP version to remove


List all available versions


box php:versions

To get a list of the PHP versions you can build and install, run this command: box php:versions Use the box php:use <VERSION> command to build and install one of the available versions.

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