Plugin Groups

Component Plugin Groups

The Event API will attempt to load the plugin group based on the component name. Consider the com_acme example. Plugins in the acme plugin group are loaded when an event is broadcast by the Acme component. For more details check the Easy example.

Koowa Plugin Group

Grouping plugins based on the name of the component is not required. You can also place your plugin into the koowa group. Like the Joomla system group, koowa plugins load for each page request if the Joomlatools Framework is active. If not, the plugins will not be loaded. Be careful though, loading too many plugins can decrease performance.

To create a koowa plugin replace the PlgAcme prefix with PlgKoowa. After that, place the plugin in the /plugins/koowa/ directory. When component events are broadcast, the plugin event handlers get triggered in the same way.