Utilizing database behaviors lets us create Trigger like procedures in our applications, without having to store them with the database. They provide a means to contextually affect change both before and after select, insert, update and delete actions performed in the database layer.

By following the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) we can use them in other table objects. Because they are mixins they add methods and functionality to the row level objects.

Available database behaviors:

  • Creatable - Strategy for storing information about the creator of a record and the date.
  • Hittable - Provides the row object with the interface to increment the hit count, usually for counting views. Requires column name hits and most appropriately of int type.
  • Identifiable - Handle storing a Universal Unique Identifier string along with the object when the object is first stored. Requires a unique column called uuid.
  • Lockable - Locking a row record precludes it from being edited by some other user while another user is editing it. When a row is lockable, it gets all the methods it needs to control that lock. Applicable columns include locked_by and locked_on.
  • Modifiable - Handles the automatic recording of the last user to modifying a record.
  • Orderable - Provides all that's required to maintain a database table's ordering column when a row is inserted or updated.
  • Parameterizable - Handles the storing and retrieval of serialized data from a specified column in a table. The default column is parameters, but others can be specified. The formats are PHP, INI, JSON, Yaml and XML.
  • Sluggable - Builds a unique token string based on column values specified in its configuration. The default column is title but others can be added. An example outcome: if a row object has a title property set to "Red Dog", the slug property will become "red-dog".

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