Getting Started


Go to the root directory of your Joomla installation on the command line and execute this command:

$ composer require joomlatools/framework:3.*

Note: Assuming you have Composer already installed.


The best way to showcase the core functionality of the Joomlatools Framework is to show you step by step how to build something real.

Building a Todo management extension will help get you acquainted with the fundamental concepts and some of the more advanced features that the framework provides.


To help you get moving we suggest that you have our Vagrant box installed.

  1. Open the web terminal:
  2. Create a new Joomla site

$ joomla site:create todo
  1. Install the Joomlatools Framework:
$ composer require --working-dir=/var/www/todo joomlatools/framework:3.*

That's it! Your Joomla site is now available at You can login as Super Administrator using admin as both username and password.

Example extension

Explore the Frontend and Backend guides of our example extension.

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