Joomlatools Framework

All of Joomlatools extensions are powered by the Joomlatools Framework. A solid, modern framework and lean architecture for building Joomla extensions. Joomlatools Framework is a modern PHP framework for Joomla, which provides a number of amazing features to extensions that use it. It provides an unparalleled combination of flexibility, re-usability and extensibility. Our goal is to make it easier for developers to create more powerful custom extensions.


Joomla 2.x and 3.x

Adapter layer that abstracts differences between current and future Joomla versions. Code it once, use it everywhere.

Intuitive API

Designed to be simple. Learn once, apply everywhere: the consistent object oriented design pattern based API is easy to learn, and a joy to work with.

Dynamic (H)MVC

Dynamic and cascadable HMVC that takes the work out of your hands. Implement your own business logic by specializing the framework's core objects.

Modular and extendable

Package more functionality into your components. Anything the core cannot solve is extendible. Every class, object and template - custom or core - can be re-used or replaced.

Component based

Component based architecture using an Inversion of Control container and powered by a dependency injector and service locator.

RESTful architecture

Designed around the HTTP protocol. Each component automatically provides a level 3 JSON REST API out of the box, no extra coding required.


The debugger helps you with errors and exceptions by showing everything you need in one screen. You can see the exception, the code that threw it and the detailed stack trace all at once.


Advanced templating engine that offers a simple and expressive syntax. The engine is unintrusive, you can still use plain PHP for templating. Support for Twig, Mustache and Markdown is also provided.

Behavior driven

Behaviors are injected into objects at runtime. By combining the functionality of mixins and command handlers they allow you to add new methods and react on object events.

Out-of-the-box security

Securely encodes output to harden against XSS attacks and filters all data input to prevent against SQL injections and CSRF attacks automatically.

Request-response driven

Request-response architecture that provides out-of-the-box support for different transport mechanisms: http, chunked transfer encoding, sendfile, byte serving, redirect...

Groups and permissions

Permission system that integrates seamlessly with the Joomla ACL. Default permission handling is provided out-of-the-box. Custom permissions can be easily added.

User interface

Joomlatools UI is a user interface development kit for the Joomla administrator.

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